....The art works in this series are markers of definitive points in the process of my self-birth from 2002 - 2006. But the artwork was more than documents, they were alchemically part of the process of self-actualization. The image begins as photo taken of my face. I use a slower shutter speed while moving my face to change my facial proportions thus bringing into existence a more child-like composition of myself. This is not artifice or fabrication, because the camera can only “draw” from what is physically there. In terms of media usage this becomes intellectually understood but on a metaphysical level this is technomancy. I transform my appearance to that of a child because self birth has been a rewriting of my own childhood from my current point in time and space – the bridge must be made, the interface must be crossed. The artwork is further developed on the computer, and then printed with archival inks on canvas. Oil paint or gouache is then used to solidify the image in physical reality - the new reality is made.
....Self birth has been about going within and correcting the problems my childhood experiences have caused me. I set out to repair my subconscious, I used software for both visual and audial subconscious reprogramming. Technology represented the ability of the individual to structure one's destiny to one's needs, to escape the mundane plan, to change reality. Technology seamlessly expresses itself in these works, every pixilation or color compression has meaning to me, in the same way modern and contemporary painters utilize the splatter or drip of paint.
.... I eventually slowed down creating the Interfaces, because I more and more became the bright child/more complete adult who was portrayed in the images. The trajectory of my life has been corrected; it's time to leave my room.