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Here we first present to you the physical information of the Silverware of the Soul’s Sustenance and then the Energetic or Spiritual Information. All of these incredibly ornate works of art can be fully shaped by your dreams! We have three primary versions, if you select one of them you will not have to spend what is necessary for customization. However, as with everything that Skydin does, the sky’s the limit! Weight: All versions of the Fork weigh just about 241 ounces. The Spoon is 261 ounces.

Version One: The very first version of the Fork of the Spirit’s Sustenance measures 235.7mm x 40mm x 25mm 9.25”x1.5”x1”. It’s elemental energies are Balanced, meaning it possesses all of the elements, it is also both masculine and feminine. It is made in solid Sterling Silver and has a very nice weight to it. Gemstones: At no extra cost Select from our Standard Set of considerably valuable, natural, hand-faceted gemstones.Additionally Skydin Zeal can customize your piece entirely to you, this includes psychic readings, delving into which gemstone(s) (There will often be many) and which additional symbols are necessary to really energetically maximize the positive effect of your silverware for you.

Version One: Version two of the Fork of the Soul’s Sustenance is shorter but has more three-dimensional breadth to it at 188.2mm x 40mm x 25mm or 7.5" x 1.5" x 1". Version two’s elements are Fire and Earth and it is masculine. It’s energies we found are best suited for those who’s problems arise from not possessing these elements enough to combat evil spirits or negative thoughts of others that have lead to dietary problems as one does one’s best to cope.

Version Three: Version Three bares the longest, narrowest, most elegant form of all. It is several layers tall as well and measures 200mm x 40mm x 25mm or 8" x 1.5" 1". It’s elements are air and water and even though it weighs the same as the other variations because of how it is designed it feels lighter.

Gemstone Selection: It must be mentioned that all of these primary gemstones are faceted by Skydin Zeal in a truly unique cut that we call the Pleiades cut, it is a 7-sided, sacred geometric, paragon. To anyone involved in the diamond industry this makes for quite a conversation piece, and will tell its story, like your silverware, for thousands of years to come. Select from Golden Sapphire, Blue Sapphire, Emerald or Ruby. All are natural and Grade AA. For the blue gemstone you may upgrade to a Blue Diamond, for the Golden Ray you may upgrade to a yellow diamond. The retail value on all of these gemstones is hundreds of dollars, but Skydin Zeal’s connections insure that you only pay what he pays. You may also order any other gemstone that we have not listed here but it may have to be ordered and there is a small fee of $25.

More Highly Detailed Images and In-depth Spiritual Information Below


A Scientific Explanation of what was once thought to be innexplicable...
How these Instruments Actually Function!

Spoken metaphysical incantations have long been central to what it is understood to be the majori ty of what professional metaphysical practitioners since the beginning of the art have focused on. The source of phrases such as those used in Harry Potter (magical words that have no meaning [perse] in rational language) were most heavily used in Norse Shamanism. Such speech was so central to the use vocal tradition of the Runes that runestones them selves are often expected to be read as speech. The metaphysical affirmations that Skydin Zeal has inscribed are as follows: "I bind myself to that yew so windy, as the enemy blood drains from me." “An animal tried to make its home in my heights, but no interloper can survive in my world tree.” “Odin teach me to live on wod and wod alone (wod is the force behind creativity and life itself).” “I give my soul to Asgardr. (the hallowed realm of the Gods and their principles.” “May the Gods quickly find me when I create!” “I ask the Gods to transform me into a dynamic shaper of the future. I live to create and learn.” “You don’t want food, you enjoy exploration, learning and new experience.” These sentiments have been drawn from old Norse spiritual practices, specifically that which Odin underwent to gain knowledge and creative inspiration by denying himself of nourishment and physically, essentially crucifying himself. Ironically it is these exact sentiments that forge the path to a longer, healthier and more successful life!


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