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Every Month Skydin.com Bears Timely Magical Gifts…
Secrets from Across Time & Space, News of Skydin Events that you can join even when not in the Metropolis! Every month receive Timely Psychic Advice from Ancient European Spirituality And Ancient Egyptian Practices Too! Authentic Extraterrestrial Visions & Lessons in Divination! But First...
Time-Sensitive Information on Our Upcoming Event!

Securely Reserve your Discount Seat Here

$20 Discount Admission for Long-Distance Attendees!

$70 for Physical Attendance
(1-Click Purchase with buttons above for Credit or Paypal, Credit Card via phone, mailed check
or cash at the event are all Accepted!

Our Events are held at: T.R.S., 40 Exchange Pl, Fl 3, New York, NY 10005
and The Edgar Cayce Center for Research & Enlightenment (ARE)
153 W 27th St #702, New York, NY 10001 212-691-7690.

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"Have you promised yourself to be True of Spirit?
If so then I want nothing more than to equip you with Metaphysical and Intellectual Tools
to reach your Optimal Future as Best I can and Free of charge if possible!
To Everyone who met us at the New Life Expo, Skydin Zeal was so impressed by the degree at which you are all spiritually focused that he is offering a brief yet Powerful Rune or Egyptian Numerology Reading for the First Requests!

rune readings

For Information on Skydin Zeal's Psychic Readings Please see: http://www.skydin.com/psychicreadings.html

For those who Purchased
and those who are Interested in Purchasing:
Please e-mail us the Talisman that you would like to receive in-depth information
on its nearly-countless, intricately designed symbols - as well as its esoteric uses!

Skydin Zeal will Honor All Discounts Granted For one more week. If you were considering making a small deposit so that he holds a pendant or Ring for you now is the time! Contact us at info@skydin.com &1-800-962-8344

About this month's very Special Event...
Create & Forge a Path to a Utopian Future!

Those who have attended Skydin Zeal's workshops and Interactive Spiritual Experiences know that you can expect an incredible amount of moving, unusual experiences in one evening. Experience powerful purification rites, out of body experiences, visions of future and prehistoric advanced civilizations and high-level sorcerer techniques to psychically defend yourself and improve your human experience.

Ask Skydin When he is in a Heightened Channeled State Anything You would like to know!

Learn about your past life, be purified of evil spirits and receive psychic reading. Select from Ancient Egyptian Numerology or Runes for a look at what to watch out for! At the very bottom of this page you will find in-depth information on all that you can expect to experience at our events.

What about Long Distance Guests? How can we Join?

Because of the interest world-wide in innovative, unusual spiritual events such as ours we have decided to make the event available to everyone! An interesting phenomenon that must be mentioned - with many events of this nature, Skydin Zeal's especially, the positive, energetic experiences of the event will be experienced at long distances. It is most definitely the case with our events! The blessings of our unique, divine Spirit Guides, Guardians, Gods and Goddesses will find their way to your home. Often this phenomenon occurs with other televised, live events by chance. But Skydin Zeal has actually constructed the metaphysical dynamic of this event to function this way. Join us wherever you are and experience all the gifts that our physically present participants enjoy!

Spiritual & Material Gifts for those who Attend the Workshop as well as those who sign up for the Newsletter

Skydin relates: "Our newsletter recipients will receive fun and profound tools. Messages and imagery are psychically tailored for each and every one of you as my spirit guides inform me who will read what. And that is not because I am particularly talented, but because the Gods and other divine spiritual beings are and have mercifully granted me with treasures to share." Sign up by saying "Sign me up!" info@skydin.com

Why the Norse Gods & Goddesses?

In answering this question Skydin Zeal relates, “if you are Christian you would be interested to know that all of our American holidays have been placed directly over Norse/Germanic 'Pagan' Holidays. In the same way every day of the week retains its Norse God namesake. So today you opened your digital mailbox to find this Newsletter. Friday receives its name from the Norse Fairy God and Goddess Freyr and Frigg. Nearly all the old Churches in England and neighboring countries were built on heathen sites. The language Old Norwegian, closely tied to the Runes, is the root language of modern day English. And just as space has been mystically and accurately defined time has also been observed and defined with Norse terminology. Similarly the majority of old churches in England have been directly placed over sacred lay lines in the earth that were identified by heathens far before. For example. The fact is there is nothing inherently wrong or incompatible with between Paganism and Christianity, because Christianity is filled with European heathen practices rather than older Semitic customs. I am a heathen, servant of Odin, however I rarely meet a Christian with as much discipline and piety as myself.” –Skydin Zeal




If you heard about the Transformative, Soul-stirring, past-life/future-life bridging Art Exhibits stay onboard! In the upcoming months Skydin Zeal is putting together a new art show in Manhattan, NY. If you would like information as to the actual date and location please inquire directly to this email. But a word of caution – these art shows will take you places your spirit has not seen for hundreds, possibly thousands of years – you will totally love it! If you are an artist who works in a style or concept
"Any Gift or trait from the Gods can only be experienced through non-resistance and joy. As children know until they 'learn' (forget) otherwise, there is only wonder and joy. Pain is a self-destructive illusion. At this time one finds out that one is greater than all of life's most mystic initiations and tests – so great that even creating a conflict is impossible to win against, so great is one's power to create realities! The ways of Midgard were useful while one was of Midgard, as were the ways of hell when one dwelled in hell. However, one has now graduated to a higher realm, to be more accurate, one has actually transformed Midgard to something greater. This is the same as it is in mainstream religion, people are taught to work to make earth as it is in heaven. So at this moment one's sheer positivity, appreciation, power and love are too powerful to create anything undesired. The true son of day beyond earth will shine for everyone at the end, for peasants, the noble and Godlings to be. A warrior's way is to grow as much as possible in every incarnation and return the surplus of energy to our Ancestor Gods and Goddesses to further their mighty plan to guide all souls to freedom from need." -Skydin Zeal, Rune Master Mysteries
How the Viking Mystic is Universally Relevant

The Viking Mystic was produced and refined over many years as Skydin Zeal worked closely with the Gods and Goddesses. But The Viking Mystic is not the product of study alone, you see, the truly advanced, powerful side of the Runes has reached out to Skydin Zeal during channeled/mediumship sessions and vision quests.

Study and you will find that the Runes reach far back before the Viking Age and into Atlantis and are interconnected with Kabbalah, Ancient Egypt, the Tarot  and more widely studied practices in today’s spiritual community! The Runes, as is the Old Norse language are the origins of all European languages and all western indigenous spiritual practices. They explain the actual truth of Human life, the afterlife, reincarnation and the original plan for all of Planet Earths races.
Unbeknownst to even talented professional Rune Readers...

is the initiatory and secret side of the Runes.  This aspect of the Runes opens up the doorway to the creator Gods and Goddesses – our very first ancestors, who are very much alive! Skydin Zeal stands at that door, willing to share the words and advise of the one who so many mainstream religions call God or Jehovah. There is a reason that Europe and America are at the center to the fate of the world – and it is not because life is unfair. There is no injustice on this planet, to say there is would be to deny the glory and supremacy of God the creator!
"Gods & Goddesses? Sorry, I'm Monotheistic!"
For those who strongly follow a monotheistic religion yet are open to additional concepts we hope that you realize that even the original Norse Pantheon of Gods and Goddesses accepts Monotheism, and that is that Odin incorporates all the Gods and Goddesses, the good and even the bad. Even orthodox Christians accept the concept of Saints and Archangels, the supreme Source-God enlists many messengers in reaching us! These messengers are unique to one another as we are unique.

Learn Magical Old Norse Mantras one Rune at a Time! Watch and listen to Skydin recite one Rune Rhymes included in every Newsletter! Old Norwegian is the root language of all European tongue and possibly shares similarities with what was spoken in Atlantis. Skydin Zeal professionally recites the Rune Rhymes in Old Norse, Icelandic, Old English and Old High German as well. If you speak English this is in fact quite relevant to your reality. Even Mainstream religious holidays are related, discover the Gods who created you!

The Sage: The 9th Major Arcana
   "'The Sage', as it is called in the Sacred Tarot, is commonly known of as 'the Hermit' like all Tarot cards functions on three parallel realities. Starting from the top, at the spiritual realm it represents absolute wisdom. On the intellectual plane 'The Sage' represents prudence as the director of the will. And in the physical realm it represents circumspection and a guide to actions. 'The Sage' shares an affinity with the English consonant 'th' as in 'Theosophy', and it's numerological value is 9. 'The Sage' realms are occult science, mental alchemy and clairaudience. It's Zodiacal affinity is Aquarius and its gemstone is blue sapphire or obsidian and black pearl. Nine is in fact a divine, building block for all numbers. When the number nine is multiplied by any number the digits produced when added together will always resolve into nine. 'The Sage' represents wisdom of good and evil attained through the understanding that obstacles are to be sought and overcome. Experiences with good and evil are garnered in the material world as well as the inner world."

   "In fact, all activities of our human lives are alchemical in nature. As it is human impulse to seek to add to all of creation, or to change what is, such desires require patience as all components are directed into the channels that they must in order to transform reality. Arcannum 9 represents the many metaphysical practices utilized to gain information of occult subject matter. Passion and gross expression, therefore, must be supplanted by more exalted expressions of love. Such emotionally uplifting sentiments tend to raise one's desire for nobler work. 'The Sage's thoughts and activities attract cosmic elementals such as sylphs, salamanders, undines and gnomes as well as magnetic elementals such as fauns, elves, nymphs and fairies. In Arcanum 5 we found that four signs express the absolute and are themselves explained by a 5th. And now in Arcanum 9 we find that The Sage symbolizes the absolute in expression. 5, or intellectual man must have a medium through which to express, a realm to move and work, and that is signified by the square mantle of the Sage, physical reality."..."–Skydin Zeal, The Sacred Tarot

A New, channeled Extraterrestrial Visitor Every Month!
This exciting feature will include imagery, documents, channeled symbols, possibly written or recorded light language messages. What comes through the extraterrestrial speaking will vary, but will always be authentic. Each month's visitor may have immediate relevance to the experiences at hand and comes to you directly from heavenly, extraterrestrial sources.

A Bit of Background on Skydin Zeal's Involvement with Extraterrestrials
For several years now Skydin Zeal has lead successful Astral Travel workshops to planets such as Mars as well as earth’s moon. He is also involved with the International space exploration organization Mars One who will send to Mars its first, human inhabitants! Further he is creating Talismans that facilitate traveling to the moon via Lucid Dreaming or out of body experiences as well. A pendant is currently being designed that will be placed on the Moon which will connect all of Skydin Zeal’s Lunar Travel Talismans!

Skydin Zeal's Quote of the Month

“I think I've discovered, in my years of studying theosophy, what the Gods and Goddesses require of us. All of life is creation, even though we are but children we must do our part to be like the Gods every moment. And that means to refrain from using others, for blaming others, this is because refusing responsibility costs creation and too easily poisons the minds of humanity. We must generate new supplies that did not exist before... The Sun Goddess pays to light our universe... Alfather Odin pays to fill our souls with purpose. The Einhender Sky God bleeds so that we learn the lesson he teaches. And that is to every day bind and cut off the animal within us even if it may seem to be us. None of these Gods suffer while paying for our existence. All the Gods create our existence every moment, and we must give back - lest we end like Atlantis. We must be aware of our creators by name. If I have learned anything in adulthood it’s that life is not free, if you feel it is you are simply living off love from others, living and passed. That is karmic, and one day it will run out. So walk with me barefoot in the snow... Cast off the ways of thievery and live truly within your means... Cherish the cold, for to the true winter’s crystalline dream ends too soon. And that is the God of Winter, Ullr's gift who fights many foes to bring us winter's snow that perfects our souls." -Skydin Zeal 2/2018


Skydin Zeal leads monthly workshops on Three Topics: Dream Mastery, The Norse Gods & Martian Magic - Email for Date Disclosure & Online Registration

Norse Psychic Self Defense & Healing Level 2 May 2014 At the Edgar Cayce Center, NYC
For More Visual Information in addition to that which is on this page see http://www.skydin.com/classes.html And for more information on the Psychic Self Defense We Teach see: http://www.skydin.com/psychicdefense.html
Coming Next Week...
The Alien Yet Deeply Familiar Healing Visions of Skydin Zeal!
Receive a moving, healing experience by simply viewing Skydin Zeal's very new, all original, created for you Fine Art Series entitled "Homes of the Soul". In this visually engaging series you will find yourself viewing a small number of drawings with the intent that you will catch a glimpse of something that you have seen before your current lifetime's birth. Such an experience is made possible by the fact that Skydin Zeal is a professional, exhibiting artist of over a decade while being a life-long professional in metaphysical subject matter. Incidentally, it came up in a reading that Skydin Zeal lived more past life time on other planets and dimensions than this one. "Homes of the Soul" are physically created to perfect mirror our readers' past life information, how Skydin Zeal knows this can in fact be explained scientifically and will be added to our "Skydin's Library" soon. We hope to see you there - the effect of this interactive journey will be both healing and inspirational.

Extended Information about our Events

Experiences to Expect even at Long Distances:

All of what we offer Skydin has practiced professionally for many years! As unusual as our claims and techniques appear to be they are very much factual and experiential! If you are ready to step into the utopian parallel reality of earth then you must join us! Experience your future incarnations and learn what you must do in this lifetime to ensure your spirit’s graduation! Learn about your past life, be purified of evil spirits and receive Psychic Readings for our guests: Select from Ancient Egyptian Numerology or Runes for a look at what to watch out for!

Joining Us: The Sky Gods & Guardian Spirits!

The effect of this interactive journey will be both healing and inspirational. As for all of our events a host of powerful, divine spirit guides will be in attendance. Because of this event's importance in the grand scheme of time and world events it is projected that even viewers overseas through the live internet view will receive powerful blessings as well. Meet Truly Like-minded spiritual people as our events always draw those from harmonious soul-families that have traveled across space and time to share with one another! Event Signup is Above!

Will We Actually Contact Aliens?

Experience Alien Civilizations with Time Travel, Lucid Dreams & Remote Viewing!
Learn the techniques to achieve these feats on your own!

Scientifically Explained Phenomenon

As always our claims and techniques may seem fantastic, however Skydin Zeal and the rest of us only believe what we can prove. During our exciting workshops you are encouraged to request an explanation for even the most mysterious secrets. If you are ready to step into the utopian parallel reality of earth then you must join us! Experience your future incarnations and learn what you must do in this lifetime to ensure your spirit’s graduation!

An Icelandic Purification Spell
&The Healing Power of Psychic Space Travel

Experience Old Norse Light Language, Energetic Download Authentically intoned by Skydin Zeal. Learn how to actually speak to and hear the Gods who have created us all in the beginning of time!

Learn about & Access Ancient Technology, Futures Undreamed of, Norse Gods & Extraterrestrial Realms!
Skydin Zeal is your guide into the vast-uncharted waters of the future's spiritual and psychic phenomenon! Skydin Zeal, in some circles is called The Viking Extraterrestrial Elf! Its not for nothing for Skydin is one of the few spiritual professionals who's interests span diverse, very unusual fields. If our areas of expertise interest you in some way, allow Skydin Zeal to metamorphosis your interest into powerful, simple practices! In these same unusual fields he has created an exquisite collection of hand-made Jewelry! We are grateful for your interest in these fields of spirituality and we look forward to rewarding you for it!

Join Us!

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