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Get Clarity in Your Life!

Scheduling: Upon Payment e-mail us at Info@Skydin.com, to book your time if for Tele-Reading state the time(s) and day(s) you would like, or if it's an E-Reading state your psychic inquiry in e-mail format. If emailing to book a time you will receive an answer within 2 hours, often sooner. If the e-mail is the Psychic Question itself, you will receive an answer the very same evening (often sooner), if it is already evening you will most likely receive an answer the night of. Skydin Zeal is very attentive to his client's needs, you will be very happy with the Spiritual transaction!

Sessions can be booked remote, (long distance) or in person, via e-mail, video conference, or phone.

What Can Numerology do for you?

Our Numerology: Skydin Zeal is a natural at numerology and has helped actresses, actors as well as famous psychics with selecting the spelling of their name, decoding the meaning of numbers that repeatedly come up in their lives, and has incorporated numerology into his psychic readings to reach a more accurate answer to his client's questions. He has also helped companies in selecting the spelling of their corporations, .com's as well as logos, which letters, colors and shapes to emphasize, after all they all have numerological vibrational equivalency, everything is vibration and vibration is quantifiable. He has also worked for 10 years in communications design as the Creative Director for a Newspaper, in truth his real responsibility was of a Mystic Nature! Few spiritual people have a strong technological background, and few technical people have a spiritual background. Skydin brings them both together, he still occasionally does consulting in this regard but limits his work in that field so he can pursue his work with Art and the Spiritual Community. For more information on how to get Skydin to help you with your logo, corporate identity or even brochure, email: info@skydin.com. Not all Numerological Systems are equally effective - Skydin Zeal's numerolgy is the "Silver Key" (the Tarot is the Golden Key) to unlocking the mystery of life. His numerology incorporates the vibration of the querent's birth day, and the numbers associated with it - it's not enough to simply select a numerologically powerful name, it must also cooperate with one's personal numerological makeup. Other forms of numerology may be based on alphabets that do not originate from a metaphysical origin. Skydin Zeal has selected the most Mystic of Alphabetic systems which originated with the Chaldean/Hebrew Alphabet, an alphabet that shares an Astrological affinity with the position of stars. It had extensive use in Ancient Egypt as well, his is the numerology of High Court Alchemists - it is the basis for the Religion of the Stars, a Complete System that explains the right path for humanity to escape pain and asscend to the highest realms of physical and spiritual existence - all within a numerological/alphabetical format of numbers 1 to 22.

Thorough Numerology Reading from Skydin Zeal

Thinking About Changing the Spelling of your Name?: Every single letter in your name's spelling counts! Do you have a nick name your friends call you that's different from your professional name? Find out what that is doing for you! Are you doing better in your Professional Life than your Private Life? Numerology can help you to see the patterns in what many take to be elements beyond their control - understanding these things definitely makes a difference! And our Numerology takes careful consideration of your Birth Path & Birth Date. You see Names effect Each of us Differently, usually our parents select our names to benefit the energetic makeup that we came into this world with - but they are not always perfect! Fear not, if you are reading this your birth path has provided you with the option to change things about yourself - to have the choice and ignore it, is in fact, a less natural path.

Want an Edge for your Business Name, Logo, E-mail Account, Phone Number, Address, PO Box, .Com or Any other Name or Number?

Skydin Zeal worked as the Creative Director for a Newspaper for 10 years where it was his responsibility to select the right words, colors and designt to get the right response from customers! This was not only acheived Mystically but also with his long term experience in Communications Design. Skydin Zeal is a Pro at Utilizing Numerology for Commerce in an Honest and Sincere way. He strongly holds true the fact that Commercial Success, Sincerity and Integrity work perfectly with one another. He can help you select a name for your business, .com, E-mail accounts, Products - Names that are not only Powerful on their own Numerologically but also Socially! In terms of numerology a name must be powerful by itself and then equally important when added to the Birth Path of the founders or key people who are using the business name. The Birth Path is decoded Numerologically through Skydin Zeal's form of Numerology. Before releasing his advice he always tests it against his experience with Public Relations. For Consulting of this nature select the approrpriate option above. The readout you receive will be much like the personal Numerological Reading but will include the reading of up to 4 names, business names, .coms, e-mail accounts. You may submit up to 10 names that you are currently working with. Remember, what is mystically correct doesn't always get the right response from customers, that's why Skydin Zeal's balanced approach of Esoteric Wisdom and no nonesense Experience in Commercial Media is ideal!

More than Just Psychic Advice: Upon Completion of the reading Skydin Zeal will offer his summary on the problems, the questions, and most importantly the solutions. The solution will be intellectual but will also encapsulate a psychic push or boost, this will either arrive to the client from Universe Energy, or Runic Energy and will be either through Skydin Zeal's Voice, Words, a Painted Sigil or Through Pure Intention. Skydin Zeal is more actively a Sorcerer and Light Worker, so his Energetic Solution for you will be much more useful than Psychic Advice - but all are necessary to help you get where you need to be! Skydin Zeal has Spoken in Light Language for clients and offered great change for them without voicing an intellectually understandable word.

And Much More!: With each reading we will include high quality photo documents of the various mystical points uncovered, as well as any written documents Skydin may have created during the reading. These documents will be emailed to you during or upon completion of the session.

Each Personal Session is $70 and if via e-mail will be quite thorough, if it's a Tele-Reading, Video-Reading, or in Person it will be 40 minutes, often more, but not less! Each Corporate Reading is $340 and will include answers to up to ten items, and thorough answers as to why, both esoterically and in a down to Earth Business Sense that Skydin Zeal feels one way or another about each item you bring. You may present choices you are already working with or request up to 10 brand new items. If certain spellings or numbers are not available you may request an alternative. Whether your business is large or small you will benefit from accurate consulting and Skydin Zeal will make sure you leave with solid answers that will bring results you can take to the bank! In life we need every edge we can get, and mastering the apparent variables in life is what Skydin Zeal has been studying in practice for almost 20 years.

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