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Welcome, these are my most powerful handmade Artifacts!

Incredible, Magical stories surround their creation!
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Greetings, I have succeeded at the greatest battle of my life to date. I endured a 6-month fight to survive both physically and creatively. When everything in my world fell into a chasm I chose art, not money, home nor help to extracate myself. I created works that became the light at the end of the tunnel. I aquired new talents and even supernatural abilities. From an incredible battle, and after defeating a powerful foe I have emmerged with artifacts! I believe they will bless you as they did me." -Skydin Zeal, January 2020

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Skydin Channeled this from a Dystopian Future A Parallel Version that mankind survived! It is Incredibly Powerful! Click Here!


Skydin Created this peice outside of time itself, completion was granted swiftly by Odin. It is easily the most powerful pendant he has made.
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Source Spear Pendant (Sterling)


"I sincerely hope that only the good purchase!" -Skydin Zeal









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