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Skydin's Scroll:Timely Secrets, West, East & Distant Planets!
What should you read?

So many have expressed how interesting and unusual this Newsletter is, often explaining that they needed to come back to it several times to take in and enjoy all of its content. We would like to show our appreciation and add that that is exactly how it is meant to be enjoyed. All of the content below is relevent to current world-frequencies and can help improve events as they unfold. Simply peruse our index below start with what your intuition guides you to!

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Upcoming Spiritual Events with Skydin Zeal in Manhattan, New York

Events Include Large Spiritual Expos, Art Shows in which Skydin Zeal Curates and Exhibits, Workshops and talks which Skydin Zeal leads, and Rune readings at the Edgar Cayce Psychic Fair.

The Viking Mystic: A Profound Spiritual Advisor
Norse Shamanic Poetic Spiritual Wisdom random, yet finely tuned to each recipient!
Accurate, magical and deeply useful to each and every recipient!

Ancient Egyptian Tarot Card of The Month
A Major Arcana relevantly chosen and explained by Skydin Zeal from a very Rare and authentic deck the Tarot from the Religion of the Stars!

The Extraterrestrial Visitor
A Completely Channeled Visual Experience of a New Extraterrestrial Being for every month! This includes drawings, documents, channeled symbols, possibly written or recorded light language messages. All are authentic and all are channeled By Skydin Zeal

European Holiday Origins
Every Month's American Holidays, the good and the bad dates explained in terms of
Original Old European Sacred Rune Calendar Dates!

Hidden Rune Teachings
Every Month Two Advanced Runes explained in ways Beyond
what you have ever known the Runes to Encompass!

New for 2016: Ancient Nordic Mantras!
Learn Magical Old Norse one Rune at a Time! Listen to Skydin recite two Rune Rhymes included in every Newsletter. Old Norwegian is the root language of all European tongue and likely shares similarities with what was spoken in Atlantis. Skydin Zeal professionally recites the Rune Rhymes in Old Norse, Icelandic, Old English and Old High German as well!

Skydin Observations: Wisdom & Obsurdity
A feature that explores many incredible places and phenomenon on this planet too fabulous to be real – but they are! And also from time to time this feature is completely false and absurd, Skydin's sense of humor is profoundly ridiculous, and might make your ears bleed.

Skydin Zeal's own Quote of the Day
Featuring the moving, emotion-evoking and sometimes very New York City mind of Skydin Zeal!

Exclusive Skydin-Creations Shopping Specials
Spotlight on select items with added special features such as
Free Personal Customization just for you, additional exotic gemstones and much more!

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Magical & Handmade: Talismans, Divination Tools, Incredible Silverware, Clothing, Accessories, Healing Instruments, Metal Wall Art and More!

All content is completely original and can only be received through our website and newsletter. More information on each feature preceds it when you click to jump to that topic!

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Meet Skydin Zeal
at SKYDIN.COM's Booth
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Sunday April 25th

Grand Ballroom
455 So. Broadway
Tarrytown NY 10591

"In everyone's life there is a very basic archetype that we call other. The mainstream spiritual belief of our contemporary age would have us believe that we are all one. But that is not entirely true and even where it is true it is not always useful. At the core of one's soul there dwells the epitome of truth and as we move our attention outward we become further removed, step by step from the truth. One's Soul to one's persona, one's persona to one's identity, one's identity to one's mind and outward to the physical body and then to other people and objects that the self creates around itself. There is inherent falsehood and doom to depending on anything of an 'other' nature even as near to one's self as one's physical body and mind. The more enjoyable the relationship the more potentially dangerous or filled by both the freeing and tying binds that such a relationship promises. A tie is a tie and anything that one reacts with outside of one's soul carries the poison of destiny, the Norse word for which is closer to 'doom' in meaning. This being said, nearly in all cases man cannot fulfill the schooling that the Gods offer us without selecting a particular doom. And the moment we are born and doom is chosen a sort of spirit double (Fylgja) is set to follow us. This 'Fylgja' is an aspect of one's soul, it is perhaps a metaphysically alive embodiment of the best version ourselves that we became in past/future lifetimes. The power of 'other' exists in all things, from one's transport to the self you become when you dream at night while your physical self is dead temporarily. While you are awake the force of 'other' is a distracting yet seemingly necessary partner on your last battle to reach God. But remember, all need is freely chosen and all need weakens and binds the soul to weakness. A positive aspect of the concept of 'other' is of plurality and abundance of things such as livestock, machines that one uses, people and spirits, it is a force that opposes the force of need or lack." -Skydin Zeal, Rune Master Mysteries

How the Viking Mystic is Universally Relevant

The Viking Mystic was produced and refined over many years as Skydin Zeal worked closely with the Gods and Goddesses. But The Viking Mystic is not the product of study alone, you see, the truly advanced, powerful side of the Runes has reached out to Skydin Zeal during channeled/mediumship sessions and vision quests.

Study and you will find that the Runes reach far back before the Viking Age and into Atlantis and are interconnected with Kabbalah, Ancient Egypt, the Tarot  and more widely studied practices in today’s spiritual community! The Runes, as is the Old Norse language are the origins of all European languages and all western indigenous spiritual practices. They explain the actual truth of Human life, the afterlife, reincarnation and the original plan for all of Planet Earths races.

Unbeknownst to even talented professional Rune Readers is the initiatory and secret side of the Runes.  This aspect of the Runes opens up the doorway to the creator Gods and Goddesses – our very first ancestors, who are very much alive! Skydin Zeal stands at that door, willing to share the words and advise of the one who so many mainstream religions call God or Jehovah. There is a reason that Europe and America are at the center to the fate of the world – and it is not because life is unfair. There is no injustice on this planet, to say there is would be to deny the glory and supremacy of God the creator!

Gods & Goddesses? Sorry, I'm Monotheistic!

For those who strongly follow a monotheistic religion yet are open to additional concepts we hope that you realize that even the original Norse Pantheon of Gods and Goddesses accepts Monotheism, and that is that Odin incorporates all the Gods and Goddesses, the good and even the bad. Even orthodox Christians accept the concept of Saints and Archangels, the supreme Source-God enlists many messengers in reaching us! These messengers are unique to one another as we are unique.

Learn Magical Old Norse Mantras one Rune at a Time! Watch and listen to Skydin recite one Rune Rhymes included in every Newsletter! Old Norwegian is the root language of all European tongue and possibly shares similarities with what was spoken in Atlantis. Skydin Zeal professionally recites the Rune Rhymes in Old Norse, Icelandic, Old English and Old High German as well. If you speak English this is in fact quite relevant to your reality. Even Mainstream religious holidays are related, discover the Gods who created you!

A Monthly Egyptian Tarot Card with Advanced Information: Skydin Zeal has read professionally for a decade, before that he read for his passion for decoding the meaning of reality, and far before that he began study of the Tarot whilst still in childhood. In this section of the Newsletter travel to Ancient Egypt with a Tarot system described as a Tarot deck most authentic to Ancient Egyptian Mystery School Teachings as they actually were within the Pyramids and Temples. Tarot translates to “Royal Path” in Egyptian (Ta-Ro) and if studied correctly most definitely is, for it offers answers to all of life’s questions and beautifies the soul as does The Religion of the Stars to which it belongs. To purchase a deck and accompanying study course which are truly beautifully written contact The Brotherhood of Light. The monthly card is always chosen mystically, the method, however varies.  

 The Sun: The 19th Major Arcana
...."The Sun Card is the 19th Major Arcana in both the Egyptian Sacred Tarot as well as the commonly known Rider Waite. In the Sacred Tarot the Sun, like all cards must be understood in terms of the three levels of reality in which it functions: physical, intellectual and spiritual. Before anything else is said, the Sun is always defined by true happiness, joy and love. If this card reveals itself in psychic reading, it nearly always indicates that perfection can be achieved through domestic life, it may or may not indicate soul mates. In the human being it is the primary source of inspiration and comes from matters of love between couples. The Sun card explains through its rich symbolic content that when lovers are truly wed and the triple laws of harmony are obeyed then their lives a constant round of happiness even amid adversities. Purely scientifically this is the protective influence one activates when partaking in activities that typically lead to the bringing into this planet new souls through procreation - but it must be through the divine.

...."And the divine is reached only through devotion/sacrifice. These essential components are expressed in the Sun Card's numerology. It is the 19th, which means that it is derived from the 7 and the 12, Will and Devotion. The apparently simple numerology involved speaks volumes - as in domestic life if the 7 is not transformed by 12 then one's children will come into the world incomplete, and thus themselves have to pick up exactly where their parents have failed, and that is self-sacrifice/devotion.
...."The Sun Card is ruled by Leo and matters of the heart. It represents inspiration as inspiration is the indrawing of spirit. If this card is engaged in one's life then one's desires become refined and one becomes truly strong. Returning to the domestic implications of The Sun. It is the sanctuary of home, that is created within a self or living space offers nearly absolute protection from evil. The institution of the family is in fact a school within the school of earth life, it nearly always guarantees that every participating souls' spirit is raised. The souls of such refined people cannot be harmed by evil spirits, hence why evil spirits constantly seek to prevent the creation of families. The Sun card appears to really insist on the necessity of baring children, but it is not necessarily so. Those who seek otherwise must truly make certain to be a blessing onto the world, to promote the education and spiritual freedom of other souls to progress and then you will have raised a family!"
...."–Skydin Zeal, The Sacred Tarot

A New, channeled Extraterrestrial Visitor Every Month! This exciting feature will include imagery, documents, channeled symbols, possibly written or recorded light language messages. What comes through the extraterrestrial speaking will vary, but will always be authentic. Each month's visitor may have immediate relevance to the experiences at hand and comes to you directly from heavenly, extraterrestrial sources.
A Bit of Background on Skydin Zeal's Involvment with Extraterrestrials
For several years now Skydin Zeal has lead successful Astral Travel workshops to planets such as Mars as well as earth’s moon. He is also involved with the International space exploration organization Mars One who will send to Mars its first, human inhabitants! Further he is creating Talismans that facilitate traveling to the moon via Lucid Dreaming or out of body experiences as well. A pendant is currently being designed that will be placed on the Moon which will connect all of Skydin Zeal’s Lunar Travel Pendants.
In this issue's Extraterrestrial Visitor...
Skydin Zeal encounters a Lunar being who explains the techniques involved in becoming reborn as an Alien! Also learn about the most esoteric metaphysical secrets utilized by extraterrestrial shamans within our solar system as well as facets of the Lunar and Martian Religion! So make yourself a cup of tea, relax and leave planet earth for a spell! And remember, all of Skydin drawings and text are channeled originals, all extraterrestrials bare resemblance to their channeled source, however they are not exact as urban life in Manhattan, New York brings its own aliens into the picture.

   “The entity that stood before me was dressed comfortably, in what I felt must be spiritual dress of his/her people. I do not remember how the planet appeared when I entered. Around us spanned a crystalline opalescent, perhaps silver-like shimmering field.”

   “Upon closer inspection I realized it was entirely made of dust. This and the fact that the sky was without an atmosphere and completely dark suggested that I had arrived on the moon, like many times before. I told the being about myself and inquired of him. I will assume this extraterrestrial is male because in terms of his form, he was not too different from a male human. I felt a vibrational, moving, healing force emanate from him as he began to explain. 'Long gone are those days when I dwelled on that green planet of good and evil,' he pointed to planet earth now in our view. He continued 'The good was never worth the bad and ultimately I simply was not interested in anything it sought to tempt me with in exchange for the rare, unearthly minerals that our souls are crafted from. But I tried to be part of, to fully integrate. I spent four very long years exerting the kind of force a diamond receives during the many hundred years of its creation. I out-performed all my opponents, was confronted by and destroyed all my past life enemies who followed me into that incarnation, all at once and nearly single-handedly.'”

   ‘But a reward, peace, happiness and the fragments of my soul that were stolen were not given to me. I would only be reimbursed when I would completely drop the effort to be a man and turn my back on humanity. But I did not for many years, until nearly everything I worked for was routinely taken from me and I was left with nothing. Let it be known that in those days I only left the planet during the moments of peace that I earned, it was never an escape. It is central to my religion to explore the cosmos and inform my fellows. I was a child when every human I met sought to destroy me. I was a woman when bliss was shallow and I was a man when the attacks on my reality were nearly as constant as the sun itself. I was a complete genius for my earliest years when no one needed a genius. And I was nearly mentally crippled when the souls who sought my earlier brilliance finally found me.’
   In a solemn tone he continued ‘I even purposely sowed the bad seeds of need within myself as I misunderstood it for a state being necessary to participate in human reality. And I will say this to you – that though need seems to be what is necessary to play the game of man it is not, it is rather the disease that souls pick up on that green planet. No, what is necessary for nearly all souls on nearly all planets is to build and create without need.’
   ‘I am well aware that I chose to see and thus find good and evil and I also chose that it was not worth my time. What saves me today is that I now choose to cherish and enjoy my decisions  - what could be considered, even by the most brilliant spiritual minds among earthlings, faulty thinking. But because I cherish my ways, God now dwells within me, as I dwell on the moon, a heavenly body that reflects my state of mind. I am at peace, ageless, powerful and free in a land that earthlings would find terrifying. This is but one fragment of the religion that makes Lunar and Martian races out of human souls over time. And I dwelled on the moon before I was a man, for such a long time span that the several human lifetimes I spent fell away every time. I will never need anything from that planet, all I need are the Gods and Goddesses.’
   I thought it was curious that his appearance was so similar to that of a member of the human race coupled with our ideas of what extraterrestrials looked like. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t just dreaming so I asked him about it. He said that in reality he did not quite look the way I saw him. He said that human beings are one of many races that alter the nature of what they see or experience in the present moment with references from their memories, simply a lazy habit as he put it. When I asked him about his three additional eyes and apparent lack of a mouth he remarked that most humans have never seen the large eyes on the crown of his head. He said that there are races of extraterrestrials who resist the tendency to have their appearance altered, so shocking and foreign is their appearance that it is actually damaging to other realities and beings.
   On this subject he elucidated much. He said that all beings who exhibit this altering what they see behavior to one degree or another effect the reality of that which they perceive. Sorcerers among species all over the galaxy have more profound effect on that which they perceive. He said of humanity that this dynamic is so prevalent among the human race that they constantly integrate and disintegrate beings that they encounter and it is nearly entirely a subconscious activity. He said something profound – that this dynamic is the product of incredibly strange or violent primordial existences, existences where a being might only live a few seconds. I would rather not look that far back because it is the polar opposite of where I and you are heading.
   He said of me that there are few on earth like me in this regard, that I am aware of the energetic consequences of my perception on the realities of other beings. I always knew I had the ability to manage this, and I seek not to harm beings even if they expect to be harmed. He even knew the reasons why. He said that this is also the essence of one of the principles of the religion of many extraterrestrial races. He said I would not have been able to arrange this encounter in my destiny had I not had past life experiences as an extraterrestrial and yes future life experiences as well.
   At this time I thanked him and told him that I would share this experience with those who seek me when I return to earth. He responded ‘Those who will receive my messages and more specifically those who are reading these words and images now must also have profound and important extraterrestrial past life, future life and like yourself possess active extraterrestrial DNA.’ Of DNA he said it is the storehouse of the past life spiritual teachings that shape our core beliefs and thus physical attributes.
   As I turned to leave he said matter-of-factly ‘By the way, you have been talking to a future version of yourself, and everyone who reads your words is reading about themselves. You and they may not look much like me in the future, but you will be exploring the cosmos.’ I suddenly felt a sensation of hope, strength, freedom and happiness. ‘This is another fragment of our Lunar religion, it is a healing spell as you call it. It is the force of re-integration with one’s self, and it comes from future memories. See you next time, be blessed.’”–Skydin Zeal, The Extraterrestrial Visitor

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Psychic & Healing Fair
is Saturdy, April 30th 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.
(Early Signup is encouraged as Skydin is always booked with clients)
ARE Center, New York
212-691-7690 241 West 30th Street New York, NY 10001 - 2nd FL, buzz in #102

  • Free Workshops will preview upcoming workshops and classes.
  • Admission is free, and all 20-minute psychic/intuitive readings and healing sessions are $30 each, a more accessible price than most NYC fairs.
  • You can attend free workshops during the Fair that include previews and demonstrations by teachers of upcoming courses and workshops.
  • All services are donated by our Center’s talented Wellness Practitioners, teachers and friends to benefit our non-profit organization. At most psychic fairs, proceeds are split between practitioners and organizers. Ours go 100% to benefit Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research & Enlightenment. We are truly grateful for their service from the heart… and soul!
  • Those donating services do so from a place of integrity and a sincere desire to provide the highest and best guidance or healing experiences, inspired by the life and work of Edgar Cayce.

Proceeds benefit the non-profit Cayce organization.

Skydin Zeal's Quote of the Month

"My karmic opponent was an older yet darker soul than I. He used sexual magic in his relentless, one-sided war against me. I could have done better in same satanic activites and activated the same weapons. But I did not, I fought on without friend or lover. I died but I came back to life and now I claim my victory. I did what he could never do. I now realize that I sent my body and mind into firey, icey hell for years and from myself I refined a sword of a new metal. God is now with me again. In my hand I will always carry a sword that may be of use in another day, on another plane. A planet new, once red and in the future blue..." -Skydin Zeal, April 2016

Skydin Zeal teaches monthly workshops on Three Skydin Zeal leads monthly workshops on Three Topics: Dream Mastery, The Norse Gods & Martian Magic Email for Date Disclosure & Online Registration

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Monthly events with Skydin Zeal at the A.R.E. and the Studio on 29th include:

The Atlantean Temple Foundations
Norse Yogic Techniques, Purification of Negative Energy, Readings & Channeled Wisdom For Everyone! 
7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. at The Edgar Cayce Center, NYC RSVP E-mail to ensure your seat!
And Remember you can Join Up on Meetup as well! Meetup.com/The-Atlantean-Temple/
Our Events are Held at: The Edgar Cayce Center for Research & Enlightenment (ARE)
Located at
241 West 30th St. #102 212-691-7690

Join us on Meetup at


Norse Psychic Self Defense & Healing Level 2 May 2014 At the Edgar Cayce Center, NYC
For More Visual Information in addition to that which is on this page see http://www.skydin.com/classes.html And for more information on the Psychic Self Defense We Teach see: http://www.skydin.com/psychicdefense.html



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