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Nordic & Extraterrestrial Events for This Month
Including Exclusive Monthly Spiritual Advice shared only with those Flying with us!
Help from The Sky Gods & Your Spirit Guides
With Scandinavian Vocal Yoga!

Join us Wednesday, July 1st 7 p.m. - 9 p.m.

Annual Picnic in Central Park
CAYCE Psychic & Healing Fair July 19th

Scroll Down for More Information on all our events!

All monthly events with Skydin Zeal at the A.R.E. include:
The Atlantean Temple Foundations
Norse Yogic Techniques, Purification of Negative Energy, Readings & Channeled Wisdom For Everyone! 
7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. at The Edgar Cayce Center, NYC RSVP E-mail to ensure your seat!

Join Up on Meetup as well! Meetup.com/The-Atlantean-Temple/

Securely Purchase RSVP with Discount Here

$29 (Online Discount available up to 10 minutes before event begins) or $40 at the Door (Cash or Credit Accepted)

Our Events are Held at: The Edgar Cayce Center for Research & Enlightenment (ARE)
Located at
241 West 30th St. #102 212-691-7690

Join us on Meetup at

Receive the Help of The Sky Gods & Your Spirit Guides
With Scandinavian Vocal Yoga!

Including The Sonic Energization of the Runes!

Communicate with the Universal Gods, Goddesses, Archangels
And Guardian Spirits that Created Earth Reality at the Beginning of Time!

Are your Prayers being answered? In what way do the Gods and Goddesses exist? In what manner both verbally and psychically must we communicate with them in order to receive their attention and favor? The Norse Gods are the same archetypal 12 Gods and Goddesses storied about around the world! They are behind every great civilization! Today they have been removed from most of our lives but are worshipped by the ruling class – though if you are true and productive the power can be yours too, learn how at this once per 3 months event!

Odin's Song in Old Norse, Yoga & Runic Spiritual Energization

The Ancient Scandinavian Rune Songs are presented by Skydin Zeal in Old Norse, Icelandic, Old English and Old High German with authentic Intonations, sharing the very Sonic Magic given by the Gods to the Ancient People of the North before the Viking Age. Hear the Voice of the Gods and Goddesses as Skydin Zeal Channels from the original Celestial Creators of the Human race. Learn how to call upon the Runes in a way that will enrich your Spiritual and Material Life!

Nordic Yoga, Mantra & Runic Singing

Receive the exact Archetypal Staddhagaldr necessary for the quickest progression in your life at this moment in time! The 24 Archetypal Poses of the Elder Futhark are Symbolic and Sonic; Their patterns echo throughout the Universe – they are the Fragments of the Gods and Goddesses found in all our Western languages!

Runic Energization

Receive shockingly powerful Source energy from the 5 zones of the Cosmos. Experience inspiration from a new, external, all-divine source. Join us with a pure heart, give thanks to the Spirit World and your personal Guardian Spirits who showed you the way to us!


Also Benefit from Skydin Zeal's Many Years of Experience in Herbal Purification. A rich bouquet of 20+ Herbs used to heal or remove any Negative Energies or experiences that have troubled you.

Readings for Everyone in Attendance

Skydin answers one question and instructs you in the use of an Archetypal Symbol that will personally benefit you best!

Skydin Zeal Channels

Be amazed as you Learn how much the Ancient Norse Runic System quite literally defines our Lives as Americans Today! Watch as Skydin puts into Scientific Context All of the our Legends such as Giants, Dragons, Gods, Magical Weapons, Ancient and futuristic Spacecraft and More!

Join up and save your seat at the RSVP button above!

RSVP is encouraged, seating will be limited!

Cost: $29 register on our website http://skydin.com/nycevents.html or $40 cash at the door.

Location: The Edgar Cayce Center for Research & Enlightenment (ARE) is Located at 241 West 30th St. #102 212-691-7690

Join us on Meetup at http://www.meetup.com/the-atlantean-temple/

Norse Psychic Self Defense & Healing Level 2 May 2014 At the Edgar Cayce Center, NYC

A Word on Our Events...

As always we encourage you to Experience us both intellectually and More Importantly Spiritually! Spiritual Power is transmitted in many ways. Skydin Zeal, following direction of his Guardian Spirits, Archangels, Gods & Goddesses is on a Mission to Empower those who Seek his Guidance. Whether it be through making you laugh with witty, often zany anecdotes or through inspiring you through stories of great battles on other planets in other lifetimes – Expect to Expand your Experiences! And even if you don’t, you will!

CAYCE Psychic & Healing Fair
Sunday July 19th 2015 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Location: Central Park, where: Pilgrim Hill E. 72 Street. Txt Skydin if you can't find us: 212-300-6740

Come celebrate with our A.R.E. Community in Central Park with food, fellowship and fun! Bring your family & friends and a dish and drinks to share. Location: Pilgrim Hill E. 72 Street.

Sample healing & intuitive reading services donated by ARE Practitioners and Friends for $10 per service (suggested donation) to raise funds to defray picnic and event expenses. Sign-ups start at 1:00 p.m. Enjoy FREE mini-workshops by Center Practitioners and Teachers.

Volunteers welcome to help with set-up and clean-up.


Keeping an Eagle's Eye on Our Realities

For Everyone Joining us at this Month's Event: If you would like, compose some notes on any extraordinarily good or bad days that took place in August and or September. Skydin Zeal, with his Runic Calendar will make sense of it and give you Metaphysically Energized advice on why things were the way they were and how you can prevent or improve circumstances!


Simple Instructions from God

Create, Be Happy and Encourage Others to Create and Be Happy.
Further Instructions will be Delivered Upon Completion of this First Task.

For More Visual Information in addition to that which is on this page see http://www.skydin.com/classes.html And for more information on the Psychic Self Defense We Teach see: http://www.skydin.com/psychicdefense.html

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