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The Galactic Modules are a collection of Five precious metal, intricately-made sculputures that are attached to various products that we supply. Amazingly, each module is made up of 100's of symbols! Even the shape of each Galactic Module follows the shapes of these symbols. Each module positively influences one quarter of life's subjectmatter, this is acheived in part due to the fact that the symbols of each module were all designed with very similar intentions by the olden shamans who first used them.



The Asgardr Module is your connection to the divinw. Whichever religion you follow there is alwys a heirarchal structure. In this module are the symbols of the higher aechelon. It offers symols of guidance, drive, purification, protection, strength and advice if you perform divination.

The Spirit Module is composed of symbols to strengthen the psychic and mental faculties. It has symbols used traditionally in Norse and Icelandic sorcerery for astral travel, shapeshifting, psychic attack, communication with E.T.'s! It also features many new and channeled from the future symbols such as Crop Circles.

Odin's Module is mysterious like the God from where its name comes. These symbols stirr one's spirit, encourage creativity, innovation, purpose, adventure, magic, poetry and emparts a quality of royalty.

The Wealth & Well-being Module features an incredible amount of complex symbols created to attract wealth and luck. It also features symbols to generate happiness, popularity, healing and harmony. The Asgardr Module is a module to connect one to the divine. Its symbols offer guidance, a better destiny, purpose, strength, wholness, protection from evil and phsical energy.

World Tree Module's very shape expresses divine structure, order and the fact that we are all here to learn something. It eatures only the uppermost branches and not the roots, the metaphor and metaphysical effect of this is that it is the path to Godhood that matters, not the path to self-destruction (the roots, and earth below). It features an intricately detailed "thorn" or "Thurisaz" rune, and on this thorn are additional thorns, on the outter shape and inner circuit-like design.

Gemstones (Optional): If you would like to add a gemstone please use the dropdown menue to select and purchase your gemstone (at far below wholesale price!) Your Gemstone will be set as the photos indicate, however for an additional cost of $25 you may select where your primary gemstone sits. Choose from our Primary Gemstons - all are Luxurious, Gem-grade and faceted by hand to Skydin Zeal's Pleiadian, 7-sided Paragon cut Ruby, Blue Diamond, Emerald or Yellow Saphire!
Additionally You may select Amethyst, Garnet, Citrine, Opal Solid, Peridot, Moldavite, Aquamarine, Star Ruby, Phenakite, Cubic Zirconia, Blue Sapphire or Kyanite. All are Natural and Authentic unless clearly specified. If you would like to send us your own gemstone or request a more exotic or exotic gemstone consider adding the "Spiritually Customized" option.

Special Features: Your Source Satellites include an incredible, Repair/Upgrade and Transform Policy. This policy reads that if you somehow break our nearly indestructabl belt clip you may ship your module back to us for repair. This will include a new, precious gemstone, tastefully and permanently set on your piece. You may also start, at any time to ship your modules to us to be transformed into pendants, bracelents, rings - anything! You become creator with us!

Technical Information: Sizes range from 2"x.5" for the Spirit Module and Wealth & Wellbeing Module to 3"x2" for the Odin Module and Asgardr Module, the two World Tree pieces' size is in between the afforementioned items of interest Composition: .925 Sterling Silver, Heavily Plated in a multitude of precoius metals! Choose from Platinum with a layer of 24k Gold accents on top of the Platinum, All 24k Gold Plating, Rose Gold with 24k Gold accent son top of the Rose Gold, Black Platinum with 24k Yellow Gold accents on top of the Platinum. Simply e-mail your preferance upon ordering!

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The Asgardr Module
Odin's Module
The Spirit Module
The Wealth Module
The World Tree Module
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