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Skydin's Newest Silver Creation Marks the End of 2020!
Skydin's 95-Photo Book from his early years in Fine Arts is now available (2001-2008)
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IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Skydin, who is the artistic channel for all of what we offer has recently become much more psychic than before. He was always considered one of the best at Spiritual Centers such as The Edgar Cayce Center. But now he is getting visions for everyone who emails or speaks with him on how to immediately revolutionize their lives.

Look at Chat window at Left, if Skydin Zeal is available he will give you a Free, Live, Reading!

This is not automated. You will be able to Confirm it is real by simply texting with him. Skydin Zeal has been awake day and night giving as many free consultations to those in need here in New York so your chances of catching him online are slim. But it's worth a look! Thinking of a Talisman to change your life? Now is the time! Skydin will energize it, give you a discount, and ship it as fast as 1-day, Free of charge.

Look what took a few years to come back to life, look what survived the end of times! It's the Starseed Dragon... It's the ship of Vali!

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"Greetings, this message is for my true allies.
"Greetings, I have succeeded at the greatest battle of my life to date. I endured a 6-month fight to survive both physically and creatively. When everything in my world fell into a chasm I chose art, not money, home nor help to extracate myself. I created works that became the light at the end of the tunnel. I aquired new talents and even supernatural abilities. From an incredible battle, and after defeating a powerful foe I have emmerged with artifacts! I believe they will bless you as they did me."
-Skydin Zeal, January, Year: Always

The Solar Shoulder is made to order in solid pieces of precoius Gemstones or metal. Get yours in solid: Ruby, Emerald, Moldavite, Black Tourmaline, Shungite, Hematite or Sterling Silver plated in any Color

New Arrivals from the Shores of The Future...

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  Lightworker-Reiki-Sekhem-Healing-Jewlry-Set Lightworker-Reiki-Sekhem-Healing-Jewlry-Set Lightworker-Reiki-Sekhem-Healing-Jewlry-Set  
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Includes Multiple Hidden
Divinatory Instruments!

Talismans with Intrictately Etched Hieroglyphs with Mystical Meaning! For the above pendant's symbol-rich encyclopedic diagram as well as photos of every imaginable angle please see:

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Authentic Archangel Sigils
Attention from Spirit Guides
Protection from Mercury Retrograde

Talismans with Intrictately Etched Hieroglyphs with Mystical Meaning! For the above pendant's symbol-rich encyclopedic diagram as well as photos of every imaginable angle please see:

Order as a Set for $40 Off!

Heal yourself while you heal clients! Multi-functional Talismans that store your messages for Manifestation!

Professional Healers have written us about their miraculous experiences with these two - experiences that were identical to the positive intention that Skydin Zeal put into their creation! For complete information, please see:
Universal Healing Pendant & Ring





Universal Cellphone Holder - Select Version!



Pendant, Ring, Earrings & Bracelet! is
for Psychic Artist & Visionary
Skydin Zeal

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New at!
The Solar Gear! High-tech Meets High-Spirit!

The creative process
to me has always been Sacred & Religious. I have made it Supernatural by using Creativity to replace basic human needs. This is the 'Philosopher Stone', that the creative (alchemic) process profoundly transforms the Creator. Everything I offer I have created first by hand - their stories are filled with Supernatural Accounts. I have spent my life since childhood interested only in the immutable laws of the immortal soul. I have grown to teach it professionally. When folks wear my works for a few weeks they say they have been improved, have attracted to themselves the very same joys I have experienced when creating and wearing. This is why I call these works Talismans. My process has also granted me visions of prehistoric and distant future civilizations. I have in tern made these treasures my objective while creating. I have made this my sustenance, I have made this my rest. And what would happen if we all lived this way? The right ending to mankind’s story – Utopia.


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