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Nordic Solar-Source Energization
A Rare Frequency of Source Energy

Receive Sky-Source Energy From Skydin Zeal Wherever you are! Functioning under the same principle of Remote/Long Distance Reiki (medically recognized) pick a time and day and Skydin Zeal will arrange unique Staddhagaldr (Simple yet Powerful Ancient Scandinavian Yogic Poses) for you to do while he does the complimentary poses for you to receive the energy you need. Clients report that the energy is very unique, unlike any Reiki or Vortex healing that they have received. We believe all of these tried and true modalities are important, Skydin Zeal himself receives them from the sincere practitioners he is affiliated with. The energy Skydin Zeal works with and has cultivated is often called Sky Magic, the Androgynous yet Active Energy of the Wind and Sun. He also works with Water and Fire. Skydin Zeal, being a practitioner of Runic Source Energy, utilizes the beneficial frequencies of the Sun, while omitting the harmful rays. He is also a long-time Solar Gazer.

This is a Healing & Activation all in one though it is more so an Activation which will free you from the low-energy pattern you may be trapped in, it also releases old karmic memory. It is an Ancient Nordic modality but it is not unlike various Native American and Tibetan Solar Rites. Upon completion of the Activation you will gain a renewed connection with the weather, sun and wind. The sun will advise you on what you ar currently doing. Among Skydin Zeal's divinatory tools he also receives answers from the Sun - so too shall you. You will also be able to receive more energy from life itself, remember: all physical life, morality and enlightenment comes from the Sun. Skydin Zeal will give you more information on these new gifts you may experience upon completion.

Within 7 hours of Payment Acceptance you will receive a personal e-mail from Skydin Zeal, upon which time you will both select a day and time, the time selected will most often be the first relatively Sunny Day. During the winter the sun is beneficial for us all day, during the summer the time must be selected differently, avoiding times of high UV index (checkable via google weather). You may reply to this email with the reason or intention of your seeking Energization, upon which Skydin will reply with imagery to prepare you for the Yogic Pose, he often suggests mantras and deeper resources. If for some reason you prefer not to go out of doors to receive the energy it will still work, provided you send your complete name, City and State, and any other information you feel comfortable with sharing.

On Grounding: Remember, just grounding one's self in the Earth Illusion reality isn't the only solution. This is not a grounding practice, though you will feel more grounded and in control of your life. The primary focus here is to connect you with enough Source-Energy, Mana, Prana, Chi, Vril etc, so that you can get into your higher self, God/Goddess self. It is only from there that you can deeply and bodily (not just intellectually) witness the dream/illusion aspect of life. And it is from there that you will gain mastery of your ability to steer your Earth Dream to your liking!



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